“Aurora Periodontics is the best!  I refer my patients to Aurora Periodontics as the premier Periodontics Office in Aurora Colorado.  I have worked with their office from the beginning and my patients have amazing results every time.  From the front office to the Doctors you will receive exceptional care.”

– Forest Hills Dental Care

“Like Dr. Theroux, I am also a general dentist and I have been sending my patients to Aurora Periodontics for over two years.  They have always treated my patients so well and communicate every step of progress with me and my team.  Having seen their work first hand, I can say Anderson is one of the best surgeons I’ve met to date.  If I ever had the misfortune of losing a tooth, I would be calling Dr. Anderson without a second’s hesitation.”

– Dr. O’Donnell

“Dr. Anderson and his entire staff are true professionals!  As someone who is very fearful of dentistry, they all do everything to make sure their patients feel comfortable and safe. Pam is a wonderful dental hygienist!”

– Lois

“Dr Anderson and his team did a great job. He even called me later to check on me to see how I was doing.  They are very helpful and make something so nerve wrecking less painful.”

– Mary

“Dr. Rakes is the best. She is so funny and has a beautiful singing voice to put you to sleep. She is very gentle so you won’t feel anything during the surgery! Thank you!”

– Adian

“I always have a great experience.. whether it’s with the front desk, the hygienist or Dr. Anderson. They take very good care of me.. are very informative and I’m glad I was referred to aurora periodontics”

– Sherise

“My dentist recommended that I get gum grafts for my receding gums.  For YEARS.  I was too worried about the pain, and cost, and didn’t really understand the procedure itself, so I put it off.  Well, I finally gathered my courage and met with Dr. Anderson and his team last year, and I wish I’d done it years ago!  I’ve since had three gum surgeries on about 10 teeth, and had my final post op visit last week! My experience with every single team member has been top notch! The gum graft process was actually (dare I say?) very pleasant!  By the time of my first surgery, I knew exactly what would happen, why it was necessary, and what to expect. Dr. Anderson is fully committed to his patients, and it shows!  He was very responsive when I had questions or issues, even going so far as to provide his personal cell number! Now, my gums are healthy again and look great (my regular dentist simply marveled at Dr. Anderson’s work at my last cleaning!), my teeth are safe, and my smile looks wonderful!  Thank you, Aurora Periodontics Team, and especially Dr. Anderson!”

– Concetta

“Dr. Salas and her team are amazing! Had to come in to get a few teeth extracted. Dr. Salas is not only incredibly experienced but also so kind. She called to follow up the day after surgery and gave me her personal number if I had any concerns. The whole staff was absolutely outstanding before, during, and after the procedure. Everything was explained to me and they very professionally conducted the procedure. My case is somewhat unique, and Dr. Salas did an excellent job coordinating between my dentist and orthodontist. The office also did a great job coordinating with my insurance and explaining it all to me. I need some more serious work done in the future (implants and gum grafts), and I feel totally safe and confident returning for this.”

– Brock

“Dr Anderson is the best! Very gentle and I feel he is a perfectionist too, very pleased with my implant experience and not afraid to move forward to taking better care of my gums.”

– Kerry

“Dr. Anderson is one of the finest periodontist you’ll ever find. I can’t recommend him highly enough. I had a tough case, but he kept me encouraged, got me on the road to recovery, and he settled for nothing less than an excellent completion. He instills confidence. I drove from Castle Rock and I guarantee the distance was worth the expertise.”

– Joe

“Impressive!!!! Dr Anderson has an incredible practice and truly care about each and every patient. I had a consultation on gum grafting and was impressed with how thorough they are. Dr Anderson took extra time to help me understand all of the procedure details and really made sure I had no questions that went unanswered. The cases presented showing the work done here are beautiful. I am actually excited to get started on my treatment!”

– Erin

“Dr. Anderson and his staff are professional, and genuinely care about your health.  I had gum graft surgery one year ago with fantastic results!  I wouldn’t trust anyone else with such a delicate procedure.”

– Jennifer

“A very pleasant office. Dr. Anderson is very caring and Thorough Periodontist.”

– Deidre

“Felt very confident with Dr Anderson’s analysis of my gums and proposed treatment.  Very professional and found the office staff very pleasant.”

– Pam

“Dr. Anderson is as good as it gets for a periodontist!  He is unsurpassed in both patient care and his ability to relate to patients.   If you live anywhere in the Denver area he should be your first choice for any periodontal work.  He is a treasure and he and his staff have my absolute highest recommendation.”

– Margaret

“Dr. Anderson and his staff were amazing on every level and made the entire process from my initial consultation to my final post-procedure exam stress free. He really cares about his patients and is always looking out for their well-being. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know who needs dental surgery.”

– Faith

“The staff at Aurora Periodontist are wonderful. Always smiling and happy.  I had a 4 hour surgery and everyone was great. Dr. Anderson is a caring person and I’m very happy my dentist referred him for my surgery.”

– Bob

“Dental work is no fun, however, Dr. Anderson and his staff make you feel comfortable. Not only does Dr. Anderson take the time to explain everything he’s doing but he also takes the time to listen. His staff are wonderful from the moment you walk in the door to the time you leave. Everyone is so knowledgeable and you can tell they all enjoy their job!! I highly recommend Dr. Anderson.”

– Holland

“Dr. Anderson and staff certainly epitomize professionalism, quality care and service. Dr. Anderson recently completed an implant for me which was my first association with Aurora Periodontics & Implant Dentistry after being referred by a colleague of his. The entire process was handled with upmost professionalism and quality service from start to completion. He and the staff never failed to ensure my comfort and were very thorough in the explanation of the procedures and always allowed time for questions and discussion. The coordination by Aurora Periodontics & Implant Dentistry with my dentist was superb. Dr. Anderson is one of the few dentists who provides his personal contact information for any questions you may have. Overall I can give the highest recommendation to Dr. Anderson and all the staff at Aurora Periodontics & Implant Dentistry.”

– Curtis

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Dr. Eric Anderson and his entire staff for the excellent services and experience I had these past two months. When i was referred for a gum graft for implant surgery, I was admittedly anxious about the procedure. Dr. Anderson provided a very comprehensive examination and detailed explanation of my particular surgery, including Xrays and pictures for my understanding. He answered all questions and ensured I was comfortable with the need for the surgery and what to expect in the days and weeks following surgery. On the day of surgery, Dr. Anderson and his team performed the surgery in a very professional and efficient manner, taking time to explain what he was doing and ensuring he was taking the exact amount of graft for my need by carefully creating a template before cutting. After spending 43 years in hospital work, I am very aware of when a doctor and his team a reworking well together and exhibit kindness and caring for the patient and each other. I felt completely at ease during the surgery and confident the team was working well for me. Post surgery, the team explained  how to care for my new graft and donor site and gave written instructions. Dr. Anderson called to follow up with me. I experienced mild discomfort post procedure and healed completely within 5 weeks. I would highly recommend Dr. Anderson and his team for periodontic services and thank all of them for their skill and expertise, prompt and efficient services and response to questions and caring behaviors!”

– Susan