Patient Testimonials

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  • Everybody in this office was very professional and are natural born care- takers. They are very good at what they do and are worth every penny. They are confident, educated, and reassuring. They put you at ease and kill you with kindness. I never had better customer service. They are quick witted and have a great sense of humor. The doctor did excellent work and was very efficient. He even took time out of his day to call me at home and make sure that I was doing Ok!


  • “Dr. Anderson and his staff were amazing on every level and made the entire process from my initial consultation to my final post-procedure exam stress free. He really cares about his patients and is always looking out for their well-being. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know who needs dental surgery.” - F.S.


  • “Due to receding gums on my front lower teeth the portion of my jawbone holding those teeth was slowly diminishing. It was prescribed that I undergo oral gum graft surgery to stop that occurrence and/or prevent the necessity of a more intrusive bone graft when i get older or worst case scenario lose those teeth. This news was disheartening as this would be my second gum graft in the same location so i was very hesitant based on that experience. At that time, circumstances dictated a changing of Dentists to which Dr Bruggeman referred me to a different Periodontist at Aurora Periodontics. On my first appointment, i was introduced to Dr Daryl Gasca. My first impression of him was that he was very knowledgable, optimistic and outgoing. I advised him of my previous experience in which after we had a brief discussion of our personal lives, went on to describe in detail the procedure he would perform, the projected success rate of which and what to expect. On the day of surgery,  he was careful to convey what he was going to do next but also made sure i was as comfortable as possible by managing the pain levels as needed. Post surgery, pain levels was not nearly the same as my first experience and was up and about the next day. Over 2 years has passed since then and between the followups and care instructions provided my gums have been stable and healthy. I would definitely recommend Dr Daryl Gasca at Aurora Periodontics for anyone needing to undergo such a surgery.”    - E.E.


  • “Clean facilities, Netflix while your procedure is getting done, and staff is knowledgable and friendly. I would highly recommend  Dr. Anderson to anyone needing to get an implant. I experienced no pain or discomfort and appreciated the staff's sense of humor in helping me get over my nervousness!” -R.H.


  • “I am the biggest coward when it comes to dental procedures!  When I needed a tooth extraction and an implant, I was petrified.  Dr. Anderson and his staff are excellent - from my first telephone conversation to my successful last visit, I felt comfortable with the people and the process. Dr. Anderson took the time to explain the process every step of the way; some things more than once!  He is very attentive, caring, and professional.  Even though I can't say I've overcome my fears of dental work, Dr. Anderson has greatly contributed to an increased comfort level.  I highly recommend Dr. Anderson, and thank him and his staff for being so great to deal with!” -G.B.


  • "I do not think five stars is enough for Dr Gasca and his team. I saw Dr Gasca for the consultation and I was amazed by the excitement and care that I personally have received and all the other patients that were waiting for their appointments . They truly do care about every single individual that walks through their door and make sure that patients are comfortable every step they do. Thank you all for being so kind and caring!"

    R.M., Periodontal Care

  • “I recently went through a procedure to reshape my gums along some back teeth where I still have wisdom teeth. I was not at all looking forward to having this taken care of but thanks to Dr Gasca and the whole team at Aurora Periodontics it was much less of a problem then I had imagined. They explained everything to me along the way and my results are great. I would highly recommend AP to anyone needing periodontics work done.”  -

    D.H., Periodontal Care

  • “Dr. Anderson is a wonderful periodontist and I highly recommend him! I had a terrible experience with a previous periodontist, including a gum graft surgery that was a nightmare and after all of my pain and suffering had to be redone. When I first met Dr. Anderson, needless to say, I was terrified of having another surgery. But he took the time to explain everything in detail and made sure I felt comfortable with the procedure. The surgery itself went very smooth and was over before I knew it. The results were phenomenal and I couldn't believe how much easier this surgery went. It was virtually pain free in comparison! Now it's 3 weeks after surgery and I am nearly healed already. I would like to thank Dr. Anderson not only for taking great care of me, but also for restoring my faith that there are still some doctors who truly care about their patients. Thank you!”

    K.H., Periodontal Care

  • “Dr. Anderson and staff certainly epitomize professionalism, quality care and service. Dr. Anderson recently completed an implant for me which was my first association with Aurora Periodontics & Implant Dentistry after being referred by a colleague of his. The entire process was handled with upmost professionalism and quality service from start to completion. He and the staff never failed to ensure my comfort and were very thorough in the explanation of the procedures and always allowed time for questions and discussion. The coordination by Aurora Periodontics & Implant Dentistry with my dentist was superb. Dr. Anderson is one of the few dentists who provides his personal contact information for any questions you may have. Overall I can give the highest recommendation to Dr. Anderson and all the staff at Aurora Periodontics & Implant Dentistry.” - C.F.

    C.F, Treatment

  • “Dear Dr. Gasca, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire staff for the professional and personal services you provided to me when I ended up on your office’s door step with a critical medical situation.  Your willingness to correct a situation created by another practitioner and the manner in which you guided me through almost two years of procedures demonstrated the highest standard of care that I have ever seen.  Your personal concern for my comfort both physically and mentally made all the difference to me and were major factors in the overall healing process. Again, my personal thanks for all that you did on my behalf.  Please express my gratitude to your staff as their kindness and wonderful attitude were essential components of the healing process.”

    R.S., Periodontal Care